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Consulting Service

Our industry knowledge, close partnership with Infor and established local success are how we make a difference for our customer.
Consulting Service

Successful in deploying business solution, not only project can up and running but it has to measure outcome from company investment. Our believes that the real project success must be optimizing performance, enhancing visibility with real-time data capture, increasing productivity, accelerating financial closings and improving business processes with access to aggregated information that becomes a cornerstone of our works life.

Our consultants provide in-depth business, product, and industry expertise that helps customer quickly realize business objectives. They work with you to rapidly implement the right solution, identify improvement opportunities, analyze business problems, capture business requirements, add value to your existing systems, propose best practices and manage change.

With proven methodologywhich is developed from many years of experiences, not only emphasize the success in project implementation within time and budget but we aim to build customer champion team to maintain competitive advantage continuously.

ERPP consulting services helps companies like yours:

  • Maximize return on investment – Identify opportunities to maximize the business value realized from the implementation and ongoing deployment of Infor solutions and develop associated realization strategies
  • Reduce business risk - Leverage both industry and solution  knowledge and in-depth experience,  set and manage priorities for business agility and flexibility
  • Adopt best practices - Capitalize upon adoption of industry-specific best practices for key business processes
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) – Benchmark current operations to highlight opportunities to reduce the TCO associated with Infor applications
Maintain competitive advantage continuousely – Build strong internal team to keep pace with evolving business solutions

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